The 4 basic elements
(to build up any resume).
These are the four basic elements to successfully building up your resume. Too much of a good thing makes for an unbalanced resume. So keep in mind these quick guidelines.
The 4 basic elements are earth, wind, fire and water. Balance is essential to keep all of them in check. We wouldn't want the Fire nation to attack again, would we? The next 4 elements are just as essential to any resume.
Your previous experience
Don't be alarmed if you're just starting out and don't have that much work experience yet. "Experience" can take on many forms.

It can mean any sort of engagement to certain social clubs or charity associations.
Being a prominent member of a youth club, organizing or managing an event for an association, managing the social media accounts for your parents' company and so on. This can all be interesting to your future employer.
Your Academic background
A fatal flaw many people make is to leave gaps in their resumes. Every year should be accounted for. Otherwise your reader will start to ask questions (and not the good type of questions either).

Don't forget to mention your international experiences like Erasmus, international scholarships and so on. Recruiters are very interested in what you can bring to the table because of it!
Your Internships
Internships are often included in your education. If not, you can always try a voluntary internship. It shows true initiative, grit and resolve. We can help you find one. Interested? Apply here.

A lot of students forget to mention them specifically, assuming recruiters/employers will automatically know they've done one. Don't make that mistake and give your internship a special place on your resume.
Your hard & soft skills
Be aware of the difference. Hard skills are what make you eligible for a job. Soft skills make you stand out from the crowd. Only put down those that are relevant for the job you're applying to. Buzzwords and filler words will not be appreciated.

Make sure these 4 elements are all present in your resume and balance each other out.
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APRIL, 4 / 2019

Text author: Georgina Cocker
Photography: Unsplash
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